A.E.A. News – ITU-WHO Guidelines for safe listening devices/systems - 5th of November 2018

AEA and EFHOH (European Federation of Hard of Hearing People) joined forces with WHO (World Health Organisation) and ITU (International Telecommunications Union) to make listening safe.
Together with multiple stakeholders a very strong guideline for safe listening devices/systems was developed.

The main objective is to warn users of personal audio devices when they are listening unsafe and to change their listening behaviour in order to avoid noise induced hearing loss. Our ears are much too valuable to ruin them by exposure to too high sound levels and you can really enjoy listening to music when the level is safe.

This guideline is the first of a series of guidelines to ensure safe listening – we will keep you informed on the next guidelines in the AEA News Section.

You can find the ITU/WHO Guidelines for safe listening devices/systems at the ITU website:

And you also download the guideline directly from the prevention section of the AEA website.


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