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The AEA (European Association of Hearing Aid Professionals) was founded in 1970, and is headquartered in Brussels since 2008.

It is an association of national professional organisations representing more than 40.000 hearing aid professionals from 14 countries across Europe.

AEA strives to improve the quality of hearing care services, ensure a transparent, fair and competitive market, and safeguard freedom of choice in the interest of the end-user.

Hearing loss in Europe

More than 52 million EU citizens report having hearing difficulties, making hearing loss one of the most prevalent disabling health conditions in adults.

From a financial perspective, the cost of untreated hearing loss in Europe is estimated at € 178 billion.

Moreover, untreated hearing loss can also lead to “Difficulties in Finding and Retaining Employment”, “Earlier Retirement” and “Reduced Personal Income”, “Social Isolation”, “Depression”, “Cognitive decline”, “Reduced Activities of Daily Life”, “Reduced Quality of Life”, “Frailty” and “Loss of Independence”.

A sound investment

Action for hearing loss is thus a sound investment. The total budget required for prevention campaigns, awareness actions and granting access to professional hearing care for all persons with self-reported hearing loss, is significantly lower than the cost of untreated hearing loss.

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