We support professional counselling and fitting of hearing aids by qualified professionals, who are kept up to date with current guidance set out in EN 15927 the European Standard on services offered by hearing aid professionals through mandatory continuous education. In addition, we actively participate in developing a new International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) norm on a “Hearing Aid Fitting Management”.

With the aim to respect the end-user, ensure quality of hearing care and loyal co-operation between healthcare practitioners towards the best interests of society, together with EFHOH we have developed a new European AEA Code of Conduct for Hearing Care Professionals, which was formally accepted by all AEA member associations.

Patient safety and satisfaction requires that a qualified hearing aid professional is responsible for the selection, fitting and ensuring the immediate and ongoing optimisation of the effectiveness of hearing aids.

We strive to ensure interference-free access to standardised wireless communication regardless of the type of assistive device used.

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